Social Kitchen "THE OTHER HUMAN"

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The idea of Social Kitchen "The Other Human" began when we noticed in the public food markets of Athens, people of various ages, nationalities, and social levels rummaging through rubbish to find food they otherwise couldn't afford to buy. The first obvious response was to cook our own food from home and distribute it in the public market places. We asked each food stall merchant to volunteer one item from their food bench so we could continue the next day. We then decided to cook on site for people and to eat the cooked food together. This way we could all come together and break through any shame or embarrassment which might be an issue for anyone.

  • The idea of Society Kitchen "The Other Human" is an action of solidarity and a manifestation of love towards our fellowmen, with the hope to awaken consciousness and for there to be other similar actions from others and from groups.
  • These actions are not philanthropic or charity.


  • We cook "live", we eat together and we live together.
  • A lunch with our fellowman on the street.
  • Join us to make each day more beautiful.


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